Easy & Flexible Secure Passwords


How many times have you been frustrated just because you couldn’t remember one particular password you need to get into a website which you don’t visit much?

My system for passwords makes it easy to remember any low-level access password!

I got frustrated with internet passwords years ago. Then, for several years, I used the same password for almost everything, until in late 1999 some Russian hacker got hold of this universal password and created quite some havoc because I had used this single password for my email, my domain registrations, some affiliate accounts, and a number of other important sites. This triggered me into developing this simple but effective password system, which I use for all sites with a low security risk (not for my emails, domain registrar, or online banking!).

In most cases a password system requires that you enter 6-8 characters, in very few cases no more than 8 characters, plus many automated password strength [Wiki Link] checkers require that you use mixed case letters and digits or they will reject the password.

How is the average normal human supposed to remember such a complicated combination? Specially since you’re not supposed to write down your password…
Easy: look for a 6-character core combination and then add 2 characters from the first two syllables of the individual domain name where you want to use this password.
numberplate Where do you find such a 6-character combination? Your vehicle’s numberplate (tags in US English) might be one place! If you want to make it more secure use the plates of a car you don’t own anymore.

Or you take part of a number from a document you always carry with you, like the number of your driver’s license (eg. DL1234), or even the telephone number of your bank (plus 2 characters of the bank’s name), or an outdated address (like your first flat in 65 High Street). Or make one up from a special date; just don’t use the your birthday or the birthday of any close family member, but a cousin or even an aunt should be far enough removed. Or use the day of a wedding anniversary or your dog’s birthday. For ease of use always keep the combination to 6 characters. So let’s say the date is the 5th of April 1987, if you convert this into “05AP87” you have a mixed character combination of six, add to that a “w” and “p” for WordPress and your 8-character password might look like this: “w05AP87p” – with mixed case letters and digits!

7 8 KeyboardIs there a chance you can memorise this password? Most likely, particularly when you start using “f05AP87b” for Facebook, “y05AP87h” for yahoo, and a few other combinations with the same pattern for various forums and other sites you frequent…
Most importantly: you still create an individual password for each site. If you would like to have it a little more secure press the shift key for 2 numbers, so you might end up with “w05AP*&p” instead of “w05AP87p” (on a standard English keyboard).

A small table showing the password set-up and some variations of it towards the bottom of the table:
password table
There are plenty of different ways in which you can set up passwords using my basic system! You can move the position of the two letters indicating the domain name, you can replace most numbers with special characters (eg. 7=&), etc. I promise that you won’t forget any combination very easily once you start using a pattern like mine.

ATTENTION: Don’t use passwords created by the same system for internet sites where you keep very personal information or your money!

There is only a handful of sites where I use individual passwords, my bank and my domain registrar are two of them.

Finally a link to another password system, which can create more complicated passwords; beware: using this system you might be stranded on a foreign language keyboard due to different key location, eg. whilst travelling…

[If you want to replicate this idea or text on your website please feel free to do so providing you credit the source with a link back to either WebBeetle.com.au or Burgundysky.com! No link, no copying!]
Short Link: http://wp.me/pKLtW-3X

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