My first WordPress frustration


…and the second and third and forth and…

I think the guys (and gals) at WordPress should revisit their advertising – the header of reads:

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

“focus on aesthetics”?  Then why is it that my image/text alignments look like shit? Yesterday night I spent well over an hour trying out all sorts of tricks to fix a problem I have on my 2nd graphics page. I can’t keep the text from sneaking up next to the images; all I want is a line break and all text following below! Why is this so hard??? (later: after wasting almost 5 hours on this I have found sort of a solution – not perfect but o.k.)

So WordPress is offering an HTML code view editor – ah, great – it doesn’t even accept a simple line break tagbr.
You call that “usability”?

Not to mention a comment tag ltto hide some elements from the pagegt.
This would have been great to play around with some spacer gifs (see below) = a comment is a fairly commonly used element, but all WordPress is offering is a more (which I cannot show here).

If I change the image alignment to ‘none’ or ‘center’ all the tiny images sit below each other, whereas I would like to see them all in one line.

If I insert a spacer gif (I’ll explain them in my next post about gif files) it only messes things up more  (currently there is one in the code – but it shows at a different spot than intended).

To add to the frustration: every time you save something the editing page and the preview page both reload from the top, so you have to scroll down and try to find your focus on the element you have just changed…

Finally some of the resulting code is almost as bad as the old Microsoft Frontpage shit – particularly once you start changing some formatting back-and-forth: it leaves tons of dead tags behind.

All I can say at this stage:
I’m glad that I have never attempted to use WordPress before, particularly for any web site which requires some “state-of-the-art publishing with a focus on aesthetics”!
I would have suffered my first heart attack from frustration, and probably would be bold because I would have torn out my last hair…

My wife says that all this frustration results from the fact that I know too much – LOL!

Blessed is the ignorance of the stupid because they can lead a life of untroubled bliss.

Even writing this was a pain in its execution, because I had to make graphics to show the HTML tags I needed to explain myself… Grrrrrr! Enough for this year!

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